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(2/17/22 9:14 pm)

Boring episode
I hate to say it but I was fairly disappointed with this last episode (“Kool Kids.”) The episode focused more on the guest stars (who were not very good actors, probably because they were so young more so than not being talented) than the characters we all know and love. The only time we actually saw Henry and the gang, they were just talking about the immediate plot of the kids trying to defeat them. We didn’t learn anything new and nothing happened in this episode. It seems like they are trying to target the show to a younger audience and making plot lines about junior high kids more so than focusing on the adult humor that makes (made?) the show so great. If that is the case, they’re going very wrongly about it because kids will never embrace the show like an older audience and to dumb itself down will make both groups unhappy. I hate when executives start to think too much like business people and less like creative artistic people. Whatever happened to the days of Papercut, Turn A Blind Eye, Misplaced, Dungeon of Doom. Even weaker episodes like Identity Crisis, which focused more on the silly than the exciting, seemed to work because they were fun to watch. Now it seems like a good idea just wasn’t well executed, like they made it up as they went. I’m afraid it will get worse before it gets better since they usually have the best material at the top of the season, to get a built-in audience early on.

I’m getting worried, guys...

- CookieGrl27

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(2/17/22 9:19 pm)

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Re: Boring episode
A boring episode is better than no episodes (since they wanted to cancel TAOHA after second season ratings...).

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(2/17/22 9:23 pm)

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Re: Boring episode
I agree. We all worked hard to keep it on the air so let’s not badmouth the product now that it still exists.

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(2/17/22 9:26 pm)

Re: Boring episode
Regardless, with mediocre episodes like this, the ratings are not going to get higher and the show will end up getting canceled anyway.

- CookieGrl27

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(2/17/22 9:30 pm)

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Re: Boring episode
Well, that’s optimistic Cookie ::sarcasm alert::

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(2/17/22 9:34 pm)

Re: Boring episode

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(2/17/22 9:37 pm)

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Re: Boring episode
Next week’s looks a lot better. Don’t worry. We’ve only just begun this season!

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