Welcome to Henry’s Hangout, the official unofficial gathering place for fans of The Adventures of Henry Adams. Before you post, you need to establish yourself as a regular. Until we accept you, don't act like you own the place. A lot of us have been here for years.

As for whether some of the actors ever visit, yes, they do. Aaron Camden Jr., who plays Professor Beckett, checks in on a regular basis. But don't bug him because he’s way too busy. Most of us have a particularly good mastery of the English language, so if you are not up to par... please go elsewhere. This is a place for intellectuals to gather. We're not into shallow dialogue. ( And learn to spell.)

Below are a few links you might want to check out, starting with my Episode Recaps & Spoilers. I have all the inside scoop 'cause I am friends with tons of crew members who hang out online. There's also The Simon Copeland Appreciation Society, where select females get together to worship Henry's slightly nerdy sidekick, Gary Stewart. And check out The Unofficial David Galagos Website, the first page ever created for the star of Henry Adams. It went up after the first episode aired and predates all those wannabes.

The message board is not moderated so be careful who you talk to. Trust me, there are some people you’d rather not know.



Henry's Hangout is founded by Carlton Koeneker.