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KOOL KIDS Recap & Spoiler
Episode Title: KOOL KIDS
Air Date: 2/17/22
Writer: Jason Eggert
Director: Bradley Lerner

Master Himas goes on to inaugurate the latest members of his team. The creepy ceremony goes on for some time, and at the very end, we realize that he is inaugurating the two teens from the last episode (“Playtime Is Over”). Now back on earth, the two go to school like regular, put up with the bullies, but discuss a secret plan to get their revenge in due time. They hold a meeting for their club in a classroom after school but they are the only members. It is called The Villain Appreciation Club, and they idolize the villains from previous episodes. Their goal is to be a part of the team. Their way to do that is to capture Henry Adams and bring him to Master Himas. They first try by setting up a booby trap with a fake monster. But Henry doesn’t fall for it. Then they try to trap him by capturing a woman and her baby as a decoy. Henry rescues them before they can capture him. Henry then goes out to eat and they try to poison his food. However, Riley is there on an “unofficial date” with Darla. Henry gets upset with Darla without explanation and mocks the phrase “unofficial date.” Henry goes down to eat his problems but then returns to the two at the table. Meanwhile, the wannabe bad teens get frustrated every time Henry refuses to take a bite. Finally he just wraps it up to go and gives the burger to a homeless person. The teens keep him from eating it and he punches them. Master Himas greets the two and says he is disappointed that their plans have not been working, that they would let a homeless man win in a battle, and that they didn’t let someone besides Henry get poisoned. The two leave, angry at being reprimanded and badmouthing Master Himas. They note that Henry may be boring but at least he’s nice. That’s when they come up with a plan to use his kindness against him. They hypnotize Gary to become a puppet and then have him meet Henry is a segregated location for advice. They explain to Henry that he (the possessed Gary) feels unloved and needs advice. During this time, they are able to set a trap keeping Henry encaged without escape. Henry realizes he is captured at the same moment Gary collapses and it is revealed that he was under their control. They get ready to carry Henry back to Master Himas but Henry points out that they are only trying to be rebellious and on the side of evil because they are too afraid to do good. He compares them to gang members, saying to have a crew of bullies on your side is better than to be vulnerable and to try to stop violence in our society. The analogy hits home, as one of the boys has a brother who joined a gang and ended up getting killed. They both agree to abandon their desire to be on the side of evil and admit that they had a goal of getting attention by making people afraid of them – since they have been bullied their entire life and have parents that neglect them. In the end, they ignore the bullies at school and meet Henry after hours in a classroom. He is the adult advisor for their new club, Crime-Fighters To Be.

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Re: KOOL KIDS Recap & Spoiler
Ugh...are these brats going to be new characters? They’re not very fun to watch.

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Re: KOOL KIDS Recap & Spoiler
I think they’re trying to appeal to a younger demographic but very annoying. Maybe it’s just ‘cause the characters are evil but I also think it’s because the kids are so young and seem more excited to be on TV than to create full-fleshed characters.

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Re: KOOL KIDS Recap & Spoiler
Even though it makes me a perv, one of them is really cute (I looked him up on IMDB and he’s legal!)

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