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PLAYTIME IS OVER Recap & Spoiler
Air Date: 2/10/22
Writer: Javier Mendoza
Director: Arthur P. Silverman

Henry and Gary are eating ice cream at the mall. After Gary gets the dessert all over himself and calls amazing attention to himself, Henry takes him aside and explains that he is embarrassing and needs to stop acting like a child. The argument is halted when the two overhear two teenagers explaining that a monster attack is planned for Little Town High School the next day. Henry and Gary report this information to Professor and Darla. The Professor suggests they all parole the school for the day. Darla points out that it will be suspicious if they just roam the campus for seven hours. Professor realizes they need an alibi to remain on campus – he can pretend to be a professor from a local college, studying education, Darla (who always wanted to be a teacher and has a degree in education) can use that as an excuse to monitor the classes, with Henry as her teacher’s assistant. However, this leaves the monitoring device unoccupied, leaving the rest of the town susceptible to attack. Henry demands that Gary not come because he will blow their cover by acting silly, making them seem less educated. The others reluctantly agree that Gary is infantile enough to make them all stand out. Gary laughs this off but later, we realize he is really hurt. When it is time for the assignment, Darla quickly gets into a debate with a group of girls over smoking as a feeble attempt to be rebellious. Henry outdoes a bunch of jocks and Professor Beckett gets into a deep conversation with some book worms. The bell rings and the three are left in the hallway. A teacher comes in and asks what they are there for and they explain their different purposes. They are directed to the office. Just then, the two teenagers from the mall point out that Henry and his friends have come at last. The two are big Master Himas followers and follow the group into the office. Inside, the office is painfully ignoring the three, while phone calls and tardy students flood their duties. The teens attach the devices to the three crime-fighters and suddenly, Henry, Darla, and the Professor all act out, creating a ruckus in the office. They take off towards campus and Henry uses a bullhorn to scream out for all the kids to rebel. The students seem confused and some teachers leave the classes to yell at them, but they just laugh and mock them. The three split up and all take turns causing trouble on the schoolyard. The two teens then usher in a monster who begins his vandalism while the heroes are distracting everyone elsewhere. Back at the lab, Henry tries to eat a meal without being goofy or silly but at the end, realizes he just can’t. He contacts Henry on his communication device and explains he will always be who he is and that Henry shouldn’t put him down because of it. When he adds that Henry doesn’t have to be around him if he doesn’t want to, the Rebellious Henry says, “Good – then I don’t want to.” Gary is upset and storms out. Back at the school, the Rebellious group all talk in youthful vernacular, wear hip clothes, and now have dyed hair. The principal tries to get them to come into his custody but the three create a ruckus avoiding capture. Then the monster is exposed, and he attacks the school. At the lab, Gary is packing up and is oblivious to the attacks. At the last moment, he notices what is happening and that his friends are all under a spell. Gary runs on foot to the school. Once there, he uses Henry’s bullhorn to distract the monster and trick him into falling off a three-story roof. Gary then notices the two teens from the mall trying to retrieve their devices and exposes them for manipulating their behavior. The three return back to normal and the two teens are sent to the principal’s office. Back at the mall, the team celebrates with some pizza and ice cream. While Gary is still messy, Henry apologizes for his comments and points out that Gary may be goofy but he is also very intelligent and has the brain of an adult. The other two agree and all is good in the world.

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