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Updated Episode Guide V3.27
The episode guide has been updated up to the last episode. It will reach its finalized version (through season three) after Girl With A Mirror, Part One airs.

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Re: Updated Episode Guide V3.27
Sorry...Girl In The Mirror, part Two. I need to get some sleep.

I’m posting it below but it’s also available on the main page.
© By Carlton Koeneker

David Galagos as Henry Adams
Gina Sorensen as Darla Bolton
Simon Copeland as Gary Stewart
Aaron Camden Jr. as Professor Beckett
Jackson Turlington as Master Himas (voice)
Graham D. Petros as Riley [Season three]


Little Town used to have the lowest crime rate in the country but suddenly, criminal activity is up 200%. All of the evil villains that have come to planet Earth have coincided in the laid back city because they have no human criminals to compete with. When citizens of the town begin to get abducted, Professor Beckett, a wise sage, calls upon Henry Adams, a space traveler who he brainwashes to convince him he is an Earth resident.

Time is clicking down as Professor Beckett transfers his power crystals to Henry and helps him pick a team of sidekicks to back him up. As Henry had visited the mayor's office, he chose animal rights lobbyists Darla Bolton and the unpopular Gary Stewart to be his partners. Together, the three are able to outwit Monsterdom and free the citizens.

#3 (1.3) THE SANDMAN
A new monster, The Sandman, comes to town, haunting the citizens by making them fall asleep and then stealing valuable items during their slumber. When both Henry and Darla fall into a deep sleep and cannot be awakened, Professor Beckett and Gary have to work together to destroy The Sandman and get their friends back to safety.

Darla is terrified to see a hideous monster staring at her but Henry, Gary, and the Professor accuse her of lying. As she continues through her day, the monster follows behind, stalking her everywhere she goes. Darla begins to question her sanity when Henry tells her she is seeing things and tries to research invisible monsters but comes up short. In a cryptic conversation, Gary finally reveals that she had missed a discussion about a monster that is only empowered when he is acknowledged. Thus the others pretended not to see what was there to avoid being stalked, as well. Darla stops giving the monster attention and he disappears.

Gary is envious of Henry's popularity with women and uses a spell to have the same luck. Instead, the two switch places and Gary has to fight a monster with Henry's strength but without his skills. Meanwhile, Darla reveals some private information to Gary, not knowing he is really Henry listening in.

When a monster makes Henry forget who he is, the other three have to track him down to keep him out of harms way--even though he has left town, ready to start a new life in a neighboring town.

Doppelgangers begin to appear for Henry, Darla, and Gary, tainting their reputation around town. Henry knows he will be exposed if he is seen in the same place as his imposter so he has to do his best to protect his name without revealing his secret identity.

#8 (1.8) MISPLACED
During conversation, Henry begins to choke on water and almost drowns on the sidewalk. He later explains that he had temporarily had an out of body experience and found himself in a swimming pool, being dragged down. Professor Beckett reveals that a monster can transfer them to other locations unexpectedly, and seeks to find an antidote. Meanwhile, Darla disappears and finds herself on the top of a tower with no way of getting down. Henry rescues her but then Gary is missing. He is found asleep in the dirt, hidden by bushes. Professor realizes that the monster is attacking with the four elements--water, air, and earth and that the next attack would be fire, the most dangerous. Henry realizes that fire can be put out by water and returns to the watery location in attempt to put out the monster as fire.

Henry and Darla have been planning community service events for weeks but the day of, a monster is let loose on the town. Henry and Darla try to keep their commitments while protecting the people around them and, more importantly, keeping them from realizing they are in danger.

When a monster named Kewpid comes to town, he sneaks a love potion into Darla's drink and she tries to seduce her pal, Henry, much to his discomfort. As Henry's relationship with a new girl becomes more serious, a now spell-induced Darla gets so jealous, she seeks to kill her, after kidnapping Henry first. She is only stopped by Gary, who has also been affected by the potion, who confesses he is in love with her. This is enough of a distraction for Henry to regain control and use an antidote on them both.

When a fortune cookie at lunch accurately predicts a specific event in Gary's future, he becomes obsessed with them. Every day, he returns and learns more about upcoming events but some of the news are downright terrifying. In the end, he finds out the fortunes were planted and the events staged to manipulate him, so that he would lead Henry astray during a battle.

After staying late in the library, Darla is happy to see Henry join her, only to be strangled by him. It turns out a new monster can physically look like anybody he wants to. While traumatized, Darla is insistent that she is fine unsupervised and continues researching for the villain database. A handsome stranger strikes up a conversation and then attacks her. She runs to safety, only to be stalked by another passerby. As she tries to run home, a lone car on the street stops in its tracks, reverses, and follows at her exact pace.

Darla manages to get into her apartment, safe, but every time the phone rings or there is a knock on the door, she has no idea of who to trust. The gang tells her they will protect her but now she is so completely paranoid that she is afraid of everybody. She ends up alone with Professor Beckett in his laboratory but he turns on her and admits that he was on the side of evil all along. She thinks he is the imposter but turns out that he is, in fact, a traitor to Henry and the team. Just as she confesses her distaste for the professor, he is revealed as having been abducted and helps her defeat the shape shifter. Everything is back to normal, for now.


Henry is finishing up his summer job as a lifeguard and Darla has become less distant. Gary goes to do some research and find out why but is attacked by The Sandman. All of the old monsters from the previous year seem to be returning and Henry tries to remember how to defeat them all.

Working together, with Gary unconscious, Henry and Darla realize that the monsters are really just a Clone Demon who can imitate other monsters. Darla reveals that she has been distant from Henry because she has been developing strong romantic feelings and she doesn't want to get hurt. Just then, Henry is attacked and Darla ends up saving his life. Through his head trauma, he claims to not remember anything Darla confessed.

When people keep disappearing, the professor has to figure out where they are hidden. Eventually, he is all alone, trying to find a secret dungeon underground where all of the abducted citizens are being held captive.

Henry's bills pile up and he needs a job to be able to afford to stay in town. While he is more than overqualified for his position at the newspaper, he constantly has to duck out to fight crime. The boss gives him some leeway because of his likeability but when Gulgermash is slipped into drink, his charm is completely lost and he even intentionally sabotages the daily printing. When everything gets back to normal, Henry tries to explain his situation without revealing too much but the boss is so pigheaded that Henry decides it is not worth fighting for.

Because he cannot afford the rent, Henry has moved in with Darla. But when she brings home a guy, who looks amazingly just like him, he begins to get jealous and starts to find ways to put him in danger with the monster of the week. After some research, the professor discovers that Henry is under a spell and sends Gary to get the antidote in a very dangerous area. After he is healed, Henry and Darla talk and they both admit they have feelings for each other but realize they can never date because of their duties.

Henry gets caught in a time loop and keeps reliving the same moment. Because there is very little change to the day's pattern, he has to fight hard to be able to get information that he was lacking previously. The only way to get out of the time loop is to make a significant change but nothing he does seems to help--in a hilarious scene, he even tries going through the motions naked, but that isn't even enough to break up the monotony. It isn't until it begins to rain that there is enough of a change for the day to continue on instead of looping backwards.

Henry goes on a date with a nice Russian girl but has no idea that she is really a spy. When Darla tries to expose the woman, she is offended when everyone accuses her of being jealous. Darla finally is endangered by the woman and everyone has to apologize profusely when they realize she was right all along.

#21 (2.8) TURN A BLIND EYE
The gang faces the most dangerous monster yet, who can kill someone just by physically coming into contact with them. Its only downfall is that it has absolutely no vision. When Darla gets trapped in a room with the monster, she has to find a way to escape without letting him know he is there. Because he is poisonous to the touch, the gang finally lures the monster into a pool where his mechanisms explode instantly.

When a movie set films in town, the gang is only concerned that it will be susceptible to attack. But things get suspiciously clichéd [editor's opinion, sorry] when Henry realizes he looks exactly like the movie star. They switch places for a day but neither can uphold their end of the bargain. [Editor's note: This was the first episode by Newman P. Johnson, and you can tell he has never seen the show! Just my opinion]

[This episode was nominated for a Best Writing Emmy but lost]. Darla tries to resurrect a dead bird but to no avail. Death carries on when she learns that one of her close friends has been murdered. Henry and Gary are able to track down the killer but the mystery doesn't end there. Darla is completely distraught. She has become obsessed with life and death and when she visits him in prison, she kills the man to experiment on him to see if she can bring him back. Her magic is limited as returns only as a spirit. The man must make amends for the life he took before he can move on to the afterlife, which puts closure to Darla's pain, as she breaks down in Henry's arms.

#24 (2.11) CARNIVAL
A carnival comes to town but people keep disappearing. When the gang visit, Henry disappears in a Fun House. Before the place packs up and leaves, Darla, Gary, and the Professor have to make a mad scramble to find him and the three other missing citizens, even amidst all of the booby-trapped rides.

Henry and Darla are abducted, which leaves Gary and Professor Beckett to fill in for the crime fighters. While their methods aren't as clear cut as Henry or Darla's, they use mind over matter to defeat the monster of the day.

With Hornatron defeated, Gary and Professor now put their energies to figuring out who has taken their friends and how to get them back safely. They find the headquarters where Master Himas has been training all of his goons and have to sneak in, undercover as monsters themselves, to be able to track down Henry and Darla. They find them in a hidden room, being prepared to be evil themselves, and manage to sneak them out without getting a caught, even though there are a few close calls.


#27 (3.1) RILEY
Henry gets back from the summer to find everyone is giving attention to the new handsome resident, Riley. Flawless in every way, Riley completely overshadows Henry, who goes through an inferiority complex and wants to quit crime fighting, since Riley manages to save the day on several occasions. But when Riley is captured, only Henry can rescue him, which boosts his confidence again.

When Henry and Gary get word that there will be an attack on a local high school, they get on campus so that they can monitor the area. But the warning was actually a trap to get them on the premises so that they Darla, Henry, and the Professor will have their brains turned into children's. Only Gary, the most infantile of the bunch, is left to return them to normal and fight the monster.

#29 (3.3) KOOL KIDS
Two young kids want to be bad guys and go on a crime spree, trying to lure Henry Adams in to various situations so they can try to strip him of his powers. In the end, they end up capturing Henry but decide that working for Master Himas isn't what they thought it would be.

#30 (3.4) THE WITNESS
Darla is the only witness to a violent crime. But she is given several threatening messages warning her not to testify. Darla wants to do what’s right but is afraid for her life.

Gary finds out his ten-year reunion is in a few weeks and is nervous because he hasn't changed much from high school, where he was very unpopular. Nervous that the bullies he used to know will taunt him, he uses a potion to turn himself into Mr. Cool, a sort of more macho version of Henry. At the reunion, he learns that the bullies ended up with pretty pathetic lives, just as the spell wears off.

#32 (3.6) CAR 54, GET AWAY FROM ME
Henry, a space traveler, buys his first car in a hilarious episode. Unfortunately, on the test drive, the car becomes alive, won't stop, and even levitates. Henry has to get the car down and back at the dealership safely before anyone gets hurt.

A new monster can freeze people in their tracks or keep them moving forever. Gary ends up affected by the later and has to run into a small room to keep from running out of town. With the Professor frozen, no one knows the antidote so Darla and Henry have to put their heads together to save both of their friends.

Henry appears missing and the gang is given clues to find his whereabouts. In the end, it was not a monster behind the scheme but an admirer of Henry's, who is hurt when he wouldn't be her boyfriend.

#35 (3.9) DEJA WHO?
While grocery shopping, a man begins to follow Darla. He talks to her as if they had a past relationship but she has no idea who he is even though she has a vague recollection. After some research on the man, it is revealed that she had dated him but the breakup was so painful that Henry had put a spell on her to make her forget he ever existed. Darla lashes out at Henry for playing with her mind like that and accuses him of being jealous of her ex. She then leaves town, never to be heard from again.

#36 (3.10) MS. BOLTON
Henry and the gang track Darla down, as a teacher at a nearby elementary school. Darla wants nothing to do with Henry and the crime fighters anymore and focuses on the children. Sleepyhead is sent down to Earth to abduct Darla, who is staying late with some students to discipline them for bad behavior. After unloading a pink cloud in the school which puts everyone in its path to sleep, Sleepyhead successfully locks Darla in a dungeon with some goons. Professor tries to rescue the kids but is affected himself. Darla manages to free herself but upon returning to her class, realizes that only Henry is free to help her defeat the monster and rescue those affected by the spell. After working together with the man she is angry at, she realizes how important his job is. However, she still holds some bitterness by keeping her position at the school and receiving a phone call from Riley.

#37 (3.11) IN THE MOVIES
While on speaking terms, Darla is still not too happy with Henry. Unintentionally or not, she rubs salt on his wound by agreeing to go on a date with Riley. But at the movies, they are attacked and trapped in the theater. Darla refuses to call Henry for help but is completely stuck in the building. When Darla gets separated and hides in the projection room, she sees that Riley is actually a spy, working for Master Himas, using her to get close to Henry. Darla phones her friend and he takes down the monster but Riley escapes. Alone in the theater, Henry and Darla kiss for the first time.

Darla's cousin dies which leaves her completely distraught. What's worse is Darla reveals that as a kid, she let her cousin ride a horse that left her paralyzed until her death. Darla begins to wonder what had happened if she had taken her turn first instead of allowing her cousin to. In the mirror, she sees her reflection, a crippled woman, who appears in the flesh. Darla realizes this would have been her. The crippled Darla is very nasty towards her, and makes her feel horrible for making her dependent on others.

Coming soon.

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