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IN THE MOVIES Recap & Spoiler
Episode Title: IN THE MOVIES
Air Date: 5/12/22
Writer: Jason Eggert
Director: Mel Knickerbocker

Although the two have reconciled, Darla still holds some bitter feelings towards Henry and a visit from him at her school (after hours) just leaves him with her cold shoulder. At the end of the conversation, Darla reveals that she cannot meet him for a game of foozball because she has a date with Riley. Henry returns to Professor Beckett, who tries to cheer him up as they have a sort of date, although neither seems to realize it. Professor encourages Henry to forget about Darla and to give her time to realize how much she cares about him. However, Henry clearly isn’t convinced. Darla meets Riley and he greets her with a little peck on the lips. Darla is a little taken aback but doesn’t make Riley feel bad. Riley suggests a movie that seems like it would be very unpopular so that the two can be alone. While unnerved by the fact that he doesn’t actually want to see the film, Darla goes along with it but makes it out as if she was supporting a film that might just be underrated. Suddenly, in the bushes, we see Henry and Gary in disguise. Henry begins following Darla—at the concession stand, outside the bathroom, and inside the theater. Darla almost catches him several times but seems oblivious to him being there (even as conspicuous as he and Gary are at some points). Gary finally convinces Henry to let her live her own life and not be overprotective. He doesn’t realize that Henry might have deeper reasons for being concerned about Darla’s date with Riley (he has romantic feelings for her). Henry leaves the theater with Gary, just as monsters storm inside and head straight for the theater where Darla is with Riley. The monsters attack the people and Darla and Riley fight them off. When they run for the exit, they realize it is sealed off. Fortunately, only a few people are watching that movie since it is not getting good reviews. The five people are split up amongst Darla and Riley who each take turns trying to find a way out. Darla knows that she can call Henry for help but when he answers his communication device, she clicks it off and is determined to fight on her own. However, Henry uses this as a sign that Darla needs help and quickly checks in with Gary and Professor, both who say they didn’t contact him. He worries that Riley is harassing Darla on their date and makes for the movie theater, even though the others say he is paranoid and to leave her alone. The monsters attack and Riley saves the day by doing CPR on one of the customers. The lights flicker on and off and the movie stops completely. A monster picks up a weapon and begins shooting little darts. Darla gets everyone to duck down behind chairs. She peaks behind a chair and slowly creeps backwards. She finds a door that she hadn’t noticed before and enters to climb up the stairs. She ends up in the projection room, now completely vacant. To her surprise, through the darkness, she sees Riley giving directions to the monsters and then returning to the ground to pretend he is afraid of them. Darla realizes that Riley is a spy for Master Himas. She clicks for Henry and explains that she is trapped and being attacked in the movie theater but before the conversation can progress, two monsters storm into the projection room and begin to fight Darla. She throws one of them over the window and the other one, she kicks down the stairs. Just then, Henry barges in and the customers run out. But before Riley can leave, too, Darla shouts out for Henry to stop him and that he works for Master Himas (having not gotten to explain this over the two-way call). Riley confirms that he, indeed, is working on the other side and tried to get close to Darla to have access to Henry. Henry admits he never liked Riley and fights him but Riley escapes. The two monsters disappear and Henry and Darla are left alone. Darla is distraught and embarrassed—the only guy who wants to date her ends up using her for access to Henry. Henry explains that he must not be the only suitor for her; men are probably just intimidated to ask her out because they assume she is out of her league and points out how strong, intelligent, and beautiful she is. Unexpectedly, Darla leans in and kisses Henry for a LONG, FULL KISS!!!! They look at each other for a second and we fade to black.

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