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(5/12/22 8:03 pm)

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Tonight’s Episode

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(5/12/22 8:05 pm)

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Re: Tonight’s Episode
My sources were right. I’m almost done with my recap/spoiler.

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(5/12/22 8:37 pm)

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Re: Tonight’s Episode
I couldn’t believe it. I was slowly churning my way through my ritual bowl of popcorn, feeling the episode was about to end and I could make a run to the bathroom. I usually don’t leave before the promo for the next week appears (especially since this is supposed to be part one of the season finale) but I drank a whole can of cream soda so I had been biding my time and felt I could time it correctly since the amount of advertisements are copious on new episodes. And right as I was tuning out of the world of Little Town, suddenly, as Henry inched towards Darla, my stomach started to drop and the room started to spin. It felt like I needed to know exactly what my frame of reference at that specific moment. And as their lips came together – for the first time, something not interrupting them – I literally felt faint. And suddenly I didn’t have to go to the bathroom anymore. Not meaning I went in my pants but meaning it just seemed less important at that moment in time. It was like having an epiphany in life or something or watching a sunset for the first time in years (as if I had been imprisoned). And I think I just sat in that chair for five minutes, stunned (not too stunned to tape the credits and upcoming sneak peak….the episode looks awesome, BTW). But of course, I snapped out of it by rewinding it again but the magic was not the same as when it was unexpected. Wowzers though. Great chemistry. And all those fanfiction stories I’ve written seemed to be right on the money in terms of what they’d look like as a couple.

::takes deep breath:: I think someone needs to call the ambulance if you don’t hear from me in the next few days. I have been transported to a world of bliss and I am not sure what I will do in this hypnotic state.

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(5/12/22 9:02 pm)

Re: Tonight’s Episode
Thanks for putting it in words for me Sharon. I felt the same way.

- CookieGrl27

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(5/12/22 9:05 pm)

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Re: Tonight’s Episode
So F***ing dramatic SaggySharon.

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