Real Name: Marissa Aberdene
Born in: Providence, RI
Currently in: New York City, NY
Age: 49
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Favorite Movies: Moonlight, Juno, Magnolia, Harry Potter, Up, Star Wars, Monty Python, Rocky Horror, Midnight Cowboy
Favorite Musical Artists: Believe it or not, I like a lot of dark stuff - Eminem, Metallica, Marilyn Manson. But I also enjoy Pink Floyd, Beatles, Van Morrison.
Favorite TV Shows: Henry Adams, Veep, Game of Thrones, The Good Fight, CNN
Henry Adams fans know me best for...: Being David Galagos' number one fan, having started his first ever website only a day after the pilot aired. I actually got to spend the whole day with him when a producer of the show invited me to visit the set, after visiting my website. Alas, we didn't get to talk but he did smile at me {and yet I didn't melt on the spot!}
Favorite Henry Adams fans: My girl, Emily (SexyGal4U); my sexy guy Jack; fellow super fanatic CDaddy45

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