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Air Date: 4/7/22
Writer: Javier Mendoza
Director: Arthur P. Silverman

Henry is training for a marathon along with Darla. Gary and Professor Beckett watch from the sidelines, in lounge chairs, sipping frozen lemonade. Darla tries to encourage them to get active—they will live longer, be healthier, and have more energy. Both Gary and Professor refuse. Darla shrugs and continues running past a street light. Master Himas is working on a Streetlight Monster, who can use the green light to make people “go” and the red light to make them “stop.” He demonstrates on his cronies—one is iced over and the other can’t stop moving. The marathon begins and Henry and Darla take off running. Professor starts back for the lab so he can monitor trouble. While he is away, the Streetlight Monster sees Gary walking to the candy store to get some sweets. He sprays him with the “go” beam and Gary starts running down the sidewalk, asking someone to help him stop. People murmur but nobody has any idea what to do to have him stop moving his feet, especially since he is moving much faster than any of the slow-paced residents (I guess the faster ones are in the marathon?). Gary runs down hills, up streets, and can’t stop at stoplights! This means he has close encounters with cars and in one case, has no choice but to RUN OVER THE HOOD OF A MOVING CAR (a pretty cool stunt!). The Streetlight Monster loves his mischief and seeks out to follow the Professor. Henry and Darla are neck in neck at the marathon and have a fun conversation teasing the other. Just then, Gary passes them, explaining he’s been attacked by some monster and can’t stop moving his feet. Henry and Darla try to get Gary to slow down but he never stops. The two point out he is going to end up running right out of town and then they’ll lose all track of him. Darla points out that if he really can’t stop moving his feet, he should throw himself to the ground and let his legs kick but go nowhere. He says that the momentum of the beam will not allow him to switch into a horizontal position and asks them to knock him over. But he is too fast and they can’t get enough leverage on him. As he disappears, Darla calls him on his communication device and begs him to find a small room where he can run in circles, or even up against a wall. Gary explains that he will try. Darla and Henry are somber that they won’t be able to complete the marathon but they realize that duty calls. They page Professor to let him know what’s happening but get no response. The two exchange worried glances and run to the Professor’s Lab. There, the Streetlight Monster has cornered Professor Beckett and frozen him. When Henry and Darla get there, the monster is gone but Professor is frozen solid. Darla points out they have a problem – they don’t know the antidote without the Professor’s brain and Gary’s research ability. Darla and Henry, more known for their athletic prowess than their detective skills, have to take on the role that Gary and Professor Beckett usually fulfill. They go to the library and do some search on a monster that can make people freeze or run forever. Henry realizes that one of them has been “stopped” and the other is forced to be on the “go.” It matches a description of a monster he found earlier – a Streetlight Monster. They realize that the antidote is to force the monster to use his Yellow Beam on both victims. Henry and Darla set out to find the monster but he keeps throwing his Red and Green Beams at them. Luckily, they avoid contact. Finally, Darla creeps behind the monster as Henry distracts him. They tie his hands behind his back and drag him to the lab. The Professor is still frozen and they try to force him to unfreeze him. The monster refuses. The two then trick the monster into trying to attack them with his beams until he accidentally releases a yellow one. At this point, they throw the Professor in the trajectory of the attack and he unfreezes. The monster realizes he’s been tricked and disappears. Henry and Darla explain about the monster and that Gary can’t stop moving. They contact Gary and he is, in fact, in a small room, running in circles and against the wall, but never able to stop moving. He worries about how he’ll be able to sleep at night if he has to be constantly active. They can’t figure out how to get the monster in such an enclosed space and to trick him again. The Professor realizes another solution. Knock him off balance. They all go the small room and manage to corner Gary against the wall until he is pinned and not allowed to move. This sets him back to normal. The group returns to the marathon and Henry fights the Streetlight Monster to his defeat. Henry and Darla continue running the marathon from the point where they were interrupted and end up finishing, which is enough for them to be proud of. Gary isn’t very congratulatory – he points out that he has run just as much today, whether he wanted to or not.

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Re: RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT Recap & Spoiler
Funny...there was an episode of “Power Rangers” with a monster similar to this. But they defeated him by picking flowers or something.

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Re: RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT Recap & Spoiler
Yeah! I remember that episode! But that was based on some Japanese show so it was really stolen from there first.

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