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TEN YEAR REUNION Recap & Spoiler
Air Date: 3/17/22
Writer: Missy Haggins
Director: Harold Schwartz

Gary and Professor Beckett are watching Darla and Henry do some skateboarding tricks. Professor and Gary both agree that the two are much more athletic and cool than they are. The mail arrives and Gary receives a letter in the mail that panics him. After they calm him down, Gary explains to his friends that his Ten Year Reunion has arrived. We flashback to Gary in high school, where the popular kids tormented him for being a nerd. Darla explains that people only go to reunions to impress people that should no longer have significance in their life and that Gary shouldn’t go. However, Gary feels this is only chance to put closure to a unhappy experience in his life. Professor Beckett suggests that Henry and Darla tutor Gary on how to be “cool.” Master Himas watches and decides to use Gary’s insecurity against him. The next day, Henry and Darla try to teach Gary how to sound cool, the proper vernacular to use, how to carry himself correctly. Gary fails each attempt, and Darla and Henry almost give up. They take him to the mall and decide to shop for an outfit. Oddly enough, Gary looks presentable after the makeover and they figure it’s a start, if they can manipulate his personality enough to not blow his cover. They try to explain to him just not to talk. However, Gary ends up tripping over his new shoes, and knocking over several customers and displays. Little kids point and laugh at the awkward man. Gary envisions himself at the reunion, everyone laughing at him. He asks to be left alone and walks off. Just then, a monster is let loose and Darla and Henry chase him through the store. Gary ends up at Professor Beckett’s lab and explains his dilemma. Professor says that he was tormented quite a bit during his education years and agrees to help Gary come up with a scientific solution. Professor mixes a potion that will turn Gary into “Mr. Cool” for a temporary period of time. After mixing it, Gary happily drinks it down. At the store, the shopping center is still under attack by a mean villain who treats everyone like they’re inferior to him. Darla and Henry beg Professor to send Gary over to be a third set of hands in detaining the criminal. When Gary arrives, the potion is starting to take affect and he easily captures the monster, as easy as pie. Darla and Henry watch, awestruck, to see their wimpy friend take charge. They inquire if his sudden urge of crassness was inspired by his bitterness about his reunion. Gary tells them off and says that, in the future, they should mind their own business. Gary continues going through daily routines, being rude to people in the process. Henry and Darla contact Professor, worried, but he explains that he is simply under a spell to be “cool.” Henry explains that being cool must mean treating people disrespectfully and Professor Beckett realizes the error of his potion. While dining out, Gary runs into two people from out of town who are there for the reunion. He realizes they are Maggie and Johnny, two popular kids who ended up getting married with kids. He mocks them and physically threatens Johnny. The two are harmless and apologetic if they hurt him but don’t remember who he is. He explains that he is Gary and they are astonished at how much he has changed—he used to be a rare sensitive soul who read a lot and kept to himself but now he just seems angry. He resents the statement and murmurs “Save your judgments, loser boy.” Master Himas sends down a monster to see if Gary will attack without being provoked. Gary does in fact pick a battle with the villain, without any specific reason. It is revealed that the monster is actually an innocent passerby in disguise. However, Gary doesn’t realize this. Fortunately, Professor, Darla, and Henry rush in to stop the upcoming battle. They hold a struggling Gary down and begin to lecture him, that to impress others, he has become just as much of a bully as them. While this will gain the respect of arrogant people, on a whole, people don’t like bullies and someone who is oppressed is much more admirable than someone who oppresses. Gary comes to his senses but is still under affect of the spell and doesn’t know how to be “silly” anymore. The day of the reunion, Darla ambushes Gary and offers to be his date. However, Gary decides immediately that he has to go through this process alone. Remembering not to talk much, Gary enters the high school auditorium—only to find that, like Maggie and Johnny, none of his bullies have really amounted to anything. The coolest people in the room are the goofy adults who get attention on the dance floor and tell funny jokes at the open mic. Just as the spell wears off, Gary realizes he would much rather be a nerd than someone who has nothing of substance without popularity.

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Re: TEN YEAR REUNION Recap & Spoiler
Who else almost melted when Darla offered to be Gary’s date?


- CookieGrl27

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Re: TEN YEAR REUNION Recap & Spoiler
::raises hand:: Count this as one of the sweetest moments in Henry Adams history. I love Darla!

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Re: TEN YEAR REUNION Recap & Spoiler
Me too!
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