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(1/27/22 4:03 am)

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Season premiere promo
Just saw on the satellite feed (I try to watch it in the wee hours to capture something new) the season premiere promo! A new guy comes in town (looks like some soap star) and Henry gets jealous and wants to quite crime-fighting. At the end, the new guy asks: “What’s wrong with a little competition, Henry?” Henry then mumbles something unintelligible.

Cool to see it since there’s been so much speculation in the past. It almost seems like it is an imaginary episode since there’s been no evidence of it being filmed until now.

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(1/27/22 2:35 pm)

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Re: Season premiere promo
Cool! Can’t wait for February 2nd!

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(1/27/22 3:21 pm)

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Re: Season premiere promo
Can’t wait to see the new hot guy. He might just overshadow Simon Copeland as hottest guy on the series. :P~

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