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(5/8/22 4:36 pm)

To those who chat on HENRY'S HANGOUT
This is to all of those assholes who don't care when someone is dying.

OK some of you are cool so don't think this is about you but for the majority, it's about you.

You put me through trauma
Without an apology
You put me through pain
Without so much as a Band-Aid
You act like you did nothing wrong
That I'm not important enough to care
But, I can never get rid of you
Because, we'll always be connected
Through this scar that you gave me...

"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." – Eleanor Roosevelt
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(5/8/22 4:42 pm)

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Re: To those who chat on HENRY'S HANGOUT
Wow that was deep

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(5/8/22 4:45 pm)

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Re: To those who chat on HENRY'S HANGOUT
*LOL* Thanks for the chuckle. Blame someone else for your problems, little boy.

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(5/8/22 6:02 pm)

Re: To those who chat on HENRY'S HANGOUT
I used to like this kid but now he is just making himself look like a brat.
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