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MS BOLTON Recap & Spoiler
Episode Title: MS BOLTON
Air Date: 5/5/22
Writer: Jonathan Buford
Director: Tom Marxar

* Note: The exclusive script for this episode is available on the main page.
Click here to access it.

The episode starts out with Professor Beckett, Gary, and Henry trying to track down Darla’s whereabouts, having disappeared at the end of the last episode (“Deja Who?”). They track her down to an elementary school where Darla – known to the class as Ms. Bolton – is not only teaching the class about History and Reading but also about respect for others. Unfortunately, some bullies pick on a girl, Karla, for looking different. Henry and Gary try to convince Ms. Bolton to come back to Little Town but she blows them off. After the bullies and Karla get in a fist fight, a bunch of kids are forced to stay after class. When Karla leaves a fellow teacher in charge of the students while she phones the parents, Sleepyhead – a monster that can create a cloud to make people drift off to sleep – arrives and puts his spell on the students. The only one who is not affected is Karla, whose strong perfume is a sort of anecdote for the cloud. Darla isn’t successful in fighting off the monster and ends up getting captured and put in a dungeon, guarded by three goons. Meanwhile, Gary and Henry get a false alarm to check out the Science Fair downtown, where they learn about a giant electric fan. When the Fair proves to be a decoy, the two rush back to the school only to learn that the Professor Beckett has taken a bus to get there himself (funny scene). Professor falls under the spell and when Gary enters the classroom, he falls asleep. After some fast thinking, Darla escapes from the dungeon and returns to school to find Henry and her are the only ones free to wake everyone up. Karla is revealed and explains that perfume is the anecdote. They take her along to find Sleepyhead, massive tension between them after finding out that Henry erased her memory in the last episode. However, they end up at the now vacant Science Fair and use the fan in a final show down against Sleepyhead. After working together, Henry and Darla (and Karla, her student) end up saving the day. Back at the school, the kids are sent home and Darla surprises everyone by keeping the job. After she is left alone, she gets a phone call from RILEY (!!!) and agrees to meet up with him.

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Re: MS BOLTON Recap & Spoiler
Thanks for the spoiler and script, Carlton!

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Re: MS BOLTON Recap & Spoiler
I can’t believe stupid Riley is back! BOOOOO

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Re: MS BOLTON Recap & Spoiler
Yea! He’s HAWT!!!!

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