Carlton's Episode Recaps & Spoilers
Carlton Koeneker, who you may know as the founder
of Henry's Hangout (the website you're currently
on) archives all of his world-famous Henry Adams
recaps. If you want a specific detailed synopsis
of any episode--whether you missed it and wanted
to be filled in or you're trying to remember an
episode from long ago or you are reminiscing about
your favorite two-parter, this is the place to be.
If that's not enough for you, this is the only
place you'll get the inside scoop on the series,
thanks to a lot of sources from the show I met
online that trust me to dispense the information
to the fans. Why did they get in contact with me?
Because they're followers of Henry's Hangout.

The Simon Copeland Appreciation Society
Emily Lubbock (aka SexyGal4U) started the first
worship site for Simon Copeland, who plays
everyone's favorite nerdy sidekick, Gary Stewart.
So far, there are only 12 diehard Simon fans
and they are all female. This is an exclusive
group and you have to fill out an application
to be considered for membership.

The Unofficial David Galagos Website
While there are quite a bit of David Galagos websites
nowadays, this is the only one that you'll find
linked here. Not only is it the biggest and most
comprehensive, but it was created the day after
the pilot aired. SepiaTemptress, who runs the
site, had no idea the show would be so successful
with sci-fi fans so she's got to be given credit
for having a good eye.

If you can't tell, I hate people who jump on the
Henry Adams bandwagon after it became more well-
known so I'm only linking the sites that were
done by genuine old school fans and not posers.